The only omissions are 5. Power Burn – the technology designed to prevent errors in writing data by automatically setting up the optimum recording conditions for the media, while automatically adjusting to the delay in data transmission from a host PC. This last issue is crucial, since the killer application for DVD rewriters has been the ability to back up Hollywood movies. News Around The Web. The drive also uses the RPC II region control, allowing a user to change the drive’s region at most 5 times, which however can easily be bypassed with various utilities. But most titles are too large to fit on a 4. Disc-at-once, Incremental recording, Multi-border recording, Restricted overwriting.

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SONY DRUA Firmware VY08 Download

It did well in our single-layer DVD-burning benchmark tests too, and recorded 7. Unlike Nero bundles that are packaged with other drives, Sony’s version can be upgraded at no cost to add nearly all the capabilities of the full retail Nero 6.

PCMag reviews products independentlybut we du-700a earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Reviews Around the Web. A dual-layer drive can store an entire Hollywood DVD-Video title, including menus and special dfu-700a, on a single dual-layer disc. We forwarded samples sony dvd rw dru-700a these discs to the vendors for analysis and will keep you posted with any new information we uncover.

DL discs ripped and sony dvd rw dru-700a with Nero’s Recode 2 module worked in all our test players, including even the most finicky notebook drives. Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.

Nonetheless, an impressive combination of functionality, performance, and pricing makes its double-layer support icing on what is already a tasty package. Even if data writing is interrupted due to delays in data transmission from the host PC buffer under-runPower-Burn technology instantly controls and accurately connects the interruption and sony dvd rw dru-700a points of the data recording to give continuous writing indispensable playback compatibility.

Heating with a focused laser beam irreversibly modifies the physical and chemical structure of each layer such that the modified areas have different optical properties to those of their unmodified surroundings. SONY gives an additional black bezel that can easily be mounted, making for a better match with black cases. Removing the screws and opening the drive’s cover voids the dru-7000a warranty.

Also included is an extra front panel bezel, black color, which you can swap with the white bezel that comes standard. Dri-700a our hands-on evaluation, disc-ripping performance was unexceptional, but the drive earned high marks on our MPEG-encoding and CD-burning tests.

This last issue is crucial, since sony dvd rw dru-700a killer application for DVD rewriters has sony dvd rw dru-700a the ability to back up Hollywood movies.

Power-Burn automatically optimizes recording conditions for the drive such as the writing speed and the strength of recording laser light, analyzing the disk quality by reading pre-recorded. Power Burn – the technology designed to prevent errors in writing data by automatically setting up the optimum recording conditions for the media, while automatically adjusting to the delay in data transmission from a host PC.

The drive arrived with firmware VY According to Sony, this anomaly is caused by the fact that pre-DL rewriters don’t recognize the on-disc media codes that identify recordable DL media; it’s not a problem with read-only DVD-ROM drives or set-top players that lack recording capabilities.

But those containing content originally ripped by a third-party freeware application, such as Deu-700a or DVD43, played correctly in sony dvd rw dru-700a about half of our players.

More DVD rewriter reviews: Dual-layer recording; terrific software bundle; good DVD-burning performance. Our drive was manufactured during May in Japan.

SONY DVD RW DRU-700A Firmware VY08 download

Included software is Nero v6 OEM version. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Sony DRUA is a solid product in a class with any rewriter we’ve tested, although its DL-recording capabilities may have arrived before the format itself is fully mature. Review They sony dvd rw dru-700a it couldn’t be done. Below is a picture from Nero Burning Rom, showing the drive’s specs. Now let’s take a look at the drive itself. This causes a variation in reflectivity as the disc rotates to provide a read-out signal as with commercially pressed gw discs.

Single- and dual-layer compatibility problems; DL media expensive and scarce; slow CD ripping. Another important issue would be writing quality and the various subtests. Sponsored Read Full Review.

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